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How to Bump a Volleyball: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Steps 1. Get into position. You should stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart and should lean forward a bit. 2. Create a platform with your arms. The platform is the area between both your wrists and elbows which is the "sweet... 3. Use your legs. Using your knees, and your arms, push ...


Volleyball Bump Cues. Medium Body posture – shoulder. Feet to the ball. Flat platform. Bend knees to get beneath ball as bump. Belly button to target. Call “mine”. Practice Progression. Bump to self – allow a bounce for those that struggle.

3 Volleyball Forearm Pass Cues On What To Do With Arms, Feet ...

Volleyball Forearm Pass Cues:Keep Both Feet On The Ground. When you bump the ball with your feet in the air, its famously called the "jump bump" and many new players have a tendency to try and 'jump bump" the ball to their target.

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Activity Cues: Volleyball The Forearm Pass . Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other Move feet to get under the ball

Volleyball Skills-The Bump Pass

Cues for the Bump Pass Flat surface Straight arms Knees Bent Body to target When do you use the Bump Pass? To pass the ball to another teammate To set the ball Elbows high Hands at eye level 2. Make a diamond shape with your hands using your thumb and index fingers Bend knees Push the ball using your fingers For a proper pass extend your wrist and arms.

How to Bump a Volleyball with Ease (7-Step Guide ...

Step #2 - Position Yourself. The perfect bump starts with the perfect foundation. And the foundation for your bump is your legs and hips. Your hips should be facing your target, your weight should be slightly forward, and your knees bent athletically and shoulder width apart.

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Volleyball Bump Assessment. Purpose of Activity: To see if students are learning the cues of the bump pass in volleyball. Suggested Grade Level: 3-5. Materials Needed: Volleyball trainers (1 per group of three), pencils, and assessment sheet located below.

Ten Steps On How To Bump A Volleyball To Maximize Your Serve ...

When you learn how to bump a volleyball, you are learning how to transfer the ball from one player to another or over the net. without letting the ball come to a complete stop. while clasping both hands together at the wrists and . contacting the ball above your wrists and below your elbows on your forearms .