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Hand Cricket/ Odd or Even is a popular game among us right from school days. In this instructable, we develop this game in C++. It is a one player game in which you have to play against computer, who is not dumb. Computer is not putting random numbers onto screen like the traditional way of developing the game.

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Hand Cricket or Odd or Even is an Online game in which two players show scores on their respective fingers. If the scores are equal, the batsman is declared out. otherwise, the score of the batsman...

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For 1, just throw your hand with ONLY your index finger extended, and the others clenched into a fist. For 2, just throw 'scissors'. For 3, just extend your middle, ring and little fingers. For 4, just add your index finger to the three. For 5, throw 'paper'.

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HAND CRICKET (aka ODD-EVEN) ===== Hand cricket is a very popular game among school children in the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly played by two individuals, but in some variants two teams play against each other. Like most games played using hands, it uses different gestures of the hand to denote different number of runs.

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It just requires two people’s involvement, and they play the game based on some set rules. The game begins with choosing odd and even, and then there is a toss in which the winner gets the opportunity to select either bowling or batting. Hand cricket does involve the concept of cricket but in an entirely different way. The game is more like paper and scissors.

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game theory - Playing Odd-Even Cricket, is there a perfect strategy - Mathematics Stack Exchange. This is a simple two-player game. One if the people is picked to 'bat'. Both players simultaneous choose a number from 1 to 6. (When playing against a person, you use your hands to show the number...

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Basic Programs. To print Hello World. To print from 1 to 100 numbers. To print Alphabets from A-Z. Print Alphabets from a-z (small) To print whether given number is Odd or Even. To print all the odd number till ‘N’. To swap two numbers using 3rd variable. Swapping two values without using 3rd variable.

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Toss- odd or even. Runs You can score 1,2,3,4,5,6,10. That is never in actual cricket.

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