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Urban Dictionary: Sayang

Sayang verb: use or consume something rather than discard it. Adapted from the Tagalog , where it's meaning is more like "too bad" as in missing a change or opportunity.

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Sayang - Singlish Dictionary

Sayang Origin: Malay- could either mean love, calling someone that is dear to you and can also be used to describe “what a pity”. Sayang can be used in various forms. It can be used to tell someone that you love or dote on them, or to call out to someone that is dear to you e.g. husband/wife/children. It is akin to sweetheart or darling.

What does sayang mean in Indonesian? - WordHippo

What does sayang mean in Indonesian? sayang. English Translation. dear. More meanings for sayang. dear noun. kekasih, terhormat, mahal, berharga, bernilai. love verb.

What does Sayang mean?

Definition of Sayang in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of Sayang. What does Sayang mean? Information and translations of Sayang in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Answer (1 of 2): In indonesian language, " sayang" has three different meanings. • As Verb : Love/care Aku sayang kamu : I love you : 我爱你 • As Noun : Dear / someone you love. Kamu adalah satu satunya, sayangku : You are the only one, my dear : 亲爱的,你是我的唯一。 • As adverb : Unfortunately. Sayang...

SAYANG IN ENGLISH - Translation of 'Sayang' From Tagalog To ...

The Tagalog word sayang doesn’t have a direct word equivalent in English. Instead, we could translate Sayang as “what a waste or what a pity”. We could also use the word as an equivalent to the phrase “too bad”.

Breaking the Word: Sayang

If I’m not wrong, when used as a noun, sayang is a term of endearment. It means something like darling or sweetheart. And, when used as a verb, the word means to love, or to show affection. Even to kiss.

“Sayang” is like “baby”, and meaning is “person who you love ...

Featured answer. Indonesian. This word isn't always related to romantic things like calling your boy/girlfriend, In fact it can also be used by parents to their kids. ex. (GF to BF) > Sayang, malam minggu ini kita makan di luar yuk.