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Head injury can be a result of contact of the head with another head (or other body parts), ground, goal post, other unknown objects or even the ball. Such impacts can lead to contusions, fractures, eye injuries, concussions or even, in rare cases, death. Coaches, players, parents and physicians are rightly concerned about the risk of head injury in soccer.

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6. Soccer headgear can reduce injuries, study concludes. While there is no "silver bullet" that can reduce ALL risks of head injuries in soccer (even banning headers is a mere band-aid), Virginia Tech Helmet Lab recently concluded that soccer headgear can indeed dramatically reduce the risk of concussions. Furthermore, a 2-year study of high school soccer players by University of Wisconsin Madison showed that- while the "average" headgear did not significantly reduce the risk of concussions ...

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caused by heading the soccer ball rather than only from unintentional head impacts. The study also found that so-called subconcussive blows to the head may cause concussion symptoms. These results could have similar implications for other sports where many head impacts occur outside of a traditional concussion, such as slaps to the helmet

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As in other contact sports, head injuries mostly result from unintentional hits with the head and hits to the head from different body parts of players (head to head, elbow to head), hitting the head against the ground, football goal frame or even hits received by the ball, when the ball flies and hits the unprepared player with great speed (5,19-21). The other reason for head injuries in soccer includes forces that are below the level required to trigger the symptoms of concussion.

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Several speakers noted that players who frequently head the ball tend to be aggressive players and their aggressiveness may make them more susceptible to head collisions with other players. Other frequent causes of concussions in soccer players are head collisions with other players or goalposts or falls where their heads hit the ground, according to Dr. Kirkendall.

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Head injuries and sports-related concussions are prevalent in any collision sport (including soccer), and even in some sports that don't categorically involve a collision. Contrary to what many ...

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Head Injuries in Soccer. Head injuries account for 4% to 22% of all soccer injuries (2,4,34,36,38). This figure incorporates all types of head injuries, including facial fractures, lacerations, and eye injuries. The rate of brain injuries has been difficult to assess because of problems with reporting, defining, and grading concussions .

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CONCUSSIONS AND HEAD INJURIES. U.S. Soccer announced the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative, which provides guidelines that were implemented beginning in January 2016. US Club Soccer clarified the following implementation guidelines as it relates to concussion initiatives and heading for youth players: