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History and Rules. Soccer’s Beginnings The origin of soccer can be found in every corner of ...

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Soccer Ppt. 1. Soccer History and Rules. 2. Soccer’s Beginnings <ul><li>The origin of soccer can be found in every corner of geography and history. </li></ul><ul><li>The Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ancient Greek, Persian, Viking, and many more played a ball game long before our era. </li></ul><ul><li>The Chinese played "football" games date as far back as 3000 years ago. </li></ul><ul><li>The Ancient Greeks and the Roman used football games to sharpen warriors for battle.

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4. Early history The Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have played many ball games, some of which involved the use of the feet. Documented evidence of an activity resembling football can be found in the Chinese military manual Zhan Guo Ce compiled between the 3rd century and 1st century BC.

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Power Point Soccer. 1. By: Megan Congro D Block Soccer. 2. Information On Soccer Known as football in other countries Most famous in England Very similar to rugby Kept kids out of trouble in 1830’s. 3.

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Soccer is known as world football. • I enjoy playing soccer with my sister. 2. • The first game of soccer was played about 3000 years ago. • The first real modern soccer games were played in England. • Nowadays the most competitive soccer championship is played in Italy. • My favourite team is Juventus 3.

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The History of Soccer Who Invented the World Cup? The Beginning Soccer In the 2end and 3rd Century B.C. China played a game were you dribble a ball into the back of a net. In England people played soccer with a danishes head (one time), before there were rules in England, besides

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History of Soccer. In 2nd & 3rd B.C people in many different cultures played kicking games similar to a modern day sport called soccer! Modern day soccer originated from England. The year soccer was established was 1815 in England when universities made rules for the game. The football association was started in 1863.

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Presentation for kids to learn about soccer, history, and rules. Emphasize speed difference Overall my presentation is a mix of visual learning, reading, and physical interaction. Emphasize “Remember Hans message” the pages where learning occurs, e.g. teaching about time lines, reading, new vocab, geography. Get the kids to read and answer ...

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even more fun facts. 1 in 20 injuries in a soccer game are caused by celebrating a goal. Brazil has won the most world cups. over one billion fans watch the world cup. soccer was originally called basket-ball. the highest scoring professional soccer game had a score of 36-0. the most red cards in a game is 36. 31.