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Tennis racket: 15-18 Gauge (1.40mm – 1.21mm) Badminton racket: 20-22 Gauge (0.8mm – 0.65mm) In addition to the material and gauge, there is string tension and pattern. In badminton rackets, the string tension is higher than tennis because the shuttlecock is lighter, and the trampoline effect doesn’t need to be as high. When the tennis ball hits the tennis rackets, the strings will go in a bit, making a trampoline effect that increases the ball’s speed.

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As you will find that a badminton racket weighs about 90 grams, whereas a tennis racket weights about 300 grams. Equipment for Badminton There are basically different types of equipment prefer by the players, in these both sports, rather than the rackets.

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There is quite a significant difference between a badminton racket and a tennis racket. When holding the two rackets side by side there are some conspicuous differences. A badminton racket has a significantly smaller head, longer throat and a much thinner grip and throat. A tennis racket has a much larger head, shorter throat and a thicker grip.

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Differences between tennis and badminton. Badminton uses a shuttlecock, and it is not allowed to hit the ground before being returned to the other side of the net. In tennis, a ball is used and it is allowed to bounce once on either side of the court during a rally.

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Specifically, badminton rackets are often narrower all round, along with a straight shaft. As a result, they look like a lollipop. Their weight only comes around 100g or so. On the other hand, tennis rackets are often shorter and larger. Besides, their weight is even three times as much as that of a badminton racket.

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Playing the Game. Each player has at his/her disposal a strung racquet to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with yellow optic-generally termed as a tennis ball on a flat rectangular surface, which can be either grass, clay, or a hardcourt of concrete and/or asphalt – 78 feet (23.77 m) long and 27 feet (8.23 m) wide court for singles and 36 feet (10.97 m) wide court for doubles matches.

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Tennis rackets are commonly made from materials like wood, aluminum, and composite materials. The most popular companies that manufacture rackets are Babolat, Wilson, and Head Graphene. These have a distinctive design and are quite different from your usual pickleball paddles. Badminton: Badminton is another widely played racket game in the world.

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The primary diff is that the racket grip is more in the fingers for badminton. If your badminton racket grip is too large or your fingers are too short/stubby, it may be difficult to make much of a distinction between the way the racket is held f (in the fingers) for badminton as opposed to the way it is held for tennis.