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Why Your Tennis Strings Keep Breaking (With Fixes ...

Suggestions for Reducing the Frequency of Broken Tennis Strings 1. Try a New String Material. Even if your strings aren’t broken, it may be time to switch them out for something else. 2. Use a Different String Gauge. String comes in varying thickness from 15 gauge to 19 gauge. You might think that ...

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CHRONIC string breakers can and often break strings every time they walk onto the court. A set of string might last them one to three sets of tennis. Two hours of play from a string job they’re doing well. There are a multitude of string options on the market and many are targeted at string breakers.

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if you break string oftne, it certianly doenst mean there is something wrong with your strokes. it menas that you are either using strings taht are too thin, not durable enough, or most likely, that your buddy has either gotten stronger and is hitting harder, or using a more effective combination of pace adn spin.

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Why did my string break in a weird spot on my racquet? Loose/cracked grommet or head guard. Often players don’t think about the plastic grommets that hold our strings in place... Cracked racquet frame. If you have ever thrown your racquet on the ground in frustration or hit something that wasn’t ...

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How to Prevent Snapping a Tennis String Step 1. Restring your racket before a string snaps. Some types of string, natural gut for example, fray when they start... Step 2. Put a thicker string in your racket. String gauge sizes range from 15 to 18 gauge -- the thinnest being 18 gauge. Step 3. Give ...

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Kevlar strings do break, but they last a lot longer than synthetic gut. If you haven't used kevlar or poly strings before, I recommend you put the kevlar or poly strings in the mains and a softer string in the crosses. Also, have the strings been breaking in the same spot consistently? Is the break near the frame or right in the middle?

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Polyester was developed for string breakers – it enables you to hit out and not break strings. Polyester enables more access to topspin, assuming you hit with it in the first place. String does not create spin, and it only enhances it. Polyester is stiff on the arm, shoulder, wrist and elbow.