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Volleyball Pass-Set-Hit Drills. These volleyball pass-set-hit drills focus on getting into the rhythm of pass-set-hit. Volleyball Pass-Set-Hit Drills. Run the Middle! This drill focuses on hitting middle out of serve receive. No Easy Points! Serve Receive. This drill is to practice serve receive, and understand the importance of a good pass! Two Way Pepper

The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know – Volleyball Expert

The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know. Serves. The serve initiates a rally and must be hit over the net on the first attempt. The goal is to land the ball in bounds on the opposite side of ... Passes. Sets. The set is one of the most complicated volleyball hits to learn in the sport of ...

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Terry Liskevych walks us through this simple drill that focuses on ball control in defense, setting, and hitting. For more free videos about volleyball drill...

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the set also called the volley. the attack hit also known as the spike. the tip. the down ball. the roll shot. Even a kick is a legal volleyball hit. Scroll down to read more volleyball hitting rules that players need to know in order to compete in a game, match or tournament.

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Setting and Volleying. Almost every time the ball comes over the net, the plan will be to use all 3 hits to execute a very aggressive play back at the other team. The second of those hits will be the set. The majority of setters use the volley as their main tool for setting.

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Volleyball Set Definition: One Set also known as "the quick set" often set to the middle hitter in Zone 3 is 1-2 feet above the level of the net. (Michael E Johnston) Back One Set. also known as "the quick back set". most often set to the middle hitter in Zone 3 right behind the setter.

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The set is ideally the second touch after the ball crosses the net. The first is the pass (sometimes called a bump) and the third will hopefully be a hit (or spike). Sometimes casual fans think that setting is the same thing as volleying and everyone on the team can do that. The setter is actually like the quarterback of the volleyball team and it’s really a specialized skill to be able to run the offense.

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Set – The second contact (after a pass or dig) is considered a “set”. The player who sets is called the “setter”. Usually a set is made with two hands overhead. A bump set is made with a player’s forearms. A player can also set the ball over the net on the first, second or third contact with the same motion.