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The follow on is a rule in cricket which can potentially force the team batting second to bat again straight after their original innings has finished. In test cricket, the follow on can only be enforced if the team batting first achieves a first innings lead of at least 200 runs.

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Follow-on rule in Tests: If used correctly by the fielding captain, the follow-on rule in cricket has it in it to change the course of a match. The follow-on rule in cricket is another of the many intriguing rules of the sport. If used correctly, the rule has it in it to change the course of a match. First things first, this rule is only used in red-ball matches of two innings irrespective of it being a two-day, three-day, four-day or a five-day match.

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The follow-on occurs only in those forms of cricket where each team normally bats twice: notably in domestic first class cricket and international Test cricket. In these forms of cricket, a team cannot win a match unless at least three innings have been completed. If fewer than three innings are completed by the scheduled end of play, the result of the match can only be a draw. The decision to enforce the follow-on is made by the captain of the team who batted first, who considers the score, the

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The Follow-On rule is one of the most important rules in the Test format of the game. Those who follow Test cricket will know that each team bats twice in a Test match that lasts five days. Each Test match has four innings with one team batting first and third innings while the other team bats in the second and the fourth innings of the match.

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There are plenty of rules in cricket that are incredibly smashville247.netmplicated and difficult to explain to the uninitiated, but the follow-on is actually one of the more straight forward. You are watching: Follow on rules in test cricket. In a Test match, the normal procedure is both teams bat twice – they each have two innings – taking it in turns to do so.

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The follow on is a rule in first class and Test cricket which allows a team to make the other team bat again straight away if they do not get within 200 runs of the first team's score. For example, if Team A bats first and scores 400, and Team B bats second and scores 150, then Team A has the option to make them bat again straight away, as opposed to Team A batting again.

What Is The Follow-On Rule In Women's Cricket?

The cricket field has smaller dimensions; the boundaries must be between 55 and 70 yards (50.29 and 64.01 m), in contrast to the 65 to 90 yards (59.44 to 82.30 m) required in men’s Tests. India Women handed follow-on in Bristol. One of the things different is the follow-on rule. We were able to see that in action today as the England captain Heather Knight enforced the follow-on when their lead was only 165 runs.

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14.1 Lead on first innings. 14.1.1 In a two-innings match of 5 days or more, the side which bats first and leads by at least 200 runs shall have the option of requiring the other side to follow their innings.